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Perfect Lawn Care is owned and operated by Robert. He has offered lawn treatment services for over 15 years, bringing beautiful lawns to hundreds of happy customers. 

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Robert started his career working for one of the largest lawn care companies in the country. It is during that time that he really became a bit obsessed with lawns. Often researching in his free time and experimenting with different methods on his own lawn.  Although he enjoyed the job and the interaction with customers he soon grew frustrated with the one size fits all approach. Often finding himself unable to offer a different, more effective solution to a customer other than those that were on offer. 

He also became tired of the money oriented approach to business, where quantity was prioritised over quality and he was unable to offer a personal service. 

So he decided to embark upon a new venture where hopefully he could use his knowledge and experience to help others achieve the results they wanted. Never selling unnecessary treatments or advising services which may be over budget for some people. Just offering simple advice on how to get the perfect lawn. Click here to become part of the family and achieve the lawn you’ve always wanted.

What Are Lawn Treatments And Why Do I Need Them?

Lawn Treatments are the method by which we can transform your old grass into a great lawn. Over time all lawns can deteriorate and naturally accumulate moss and weeds. By applying specialised fertilisers, weedkillers and mosskillers at specific times of the year we can encourage the grass to outcompete the moss and weeds. Over time you are left with a lush green lawn.

 Why choose this method instead of reseeding or returfing? Quite simply it is far easier and cheaper than either returfing or seeding, both of which require the lawn not to be used for a prolonged period of time while it is constantly watered and established. Also without treatments a newly laid lawn can soon deteriorate and become weed filled meaning you are back at square one. With lawn treatments you can use the lawn as normal while it gradually improves, simple!


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