Lawn Reseeding & Renovation

  • Late March - October
lawn reseeding

Sometimes lawns need a helping hand.  Whether it’s damage from a hot dry summer or repairing patches from an insect attack,  lawn reseeding can be necessary. Maybe you want to take your lawn to the next level? Full renovation can introduce some modern, more attractive grass species cultivars.

Lawn Reseeding & Renovation 1 Lawn Reseeding & Renovation


If small patches of your lawn have been damaged we can reseed them. Using only highly rated grass cultivars on the STRI list, we can over sow the area and cover with a blend of finest top soil to help hold in heat and moisture and encourage the fastest and strongest germination in no time. Water is key though, so make sure to water twice a day at least if there is no rain. 

Lawn Reseeding & Renovation 2 Lawn Reseeding & Renovation


Sometime the lawn may be too far gone or there are too many undesirable course grass species present. Or if you are looking for the ultimate show lawn, a full renovation could be part of your annual maintenance routine.  What we do:

  • Deep scarification of the lawn to remove old moss and thatch
  • Thorough hollow tine aerate
  • Overseeding with a variety of grass suited to your particular lawn. always highly rated fine leaved varieties bred for resistance to disease and drought
  • Top dressing with a finest quality turf dressing. This is then worked into the surface with a level lute to fill in minor bumps and hollows and achieve good seed to soil contact.
  • Rolling where necessary to firm the soil
  • Application of a special mix of started fertiliser, humic acid and seaweed to kick start germination and growth.
  • Germination typically occurs within 7 days, we even give you a free sprinkler to keep it moist!

Renovation is recommended if you are looking for the ultimate in perfection. The best sports surfaces will receive a renovation every year to encourage the finest grass species, increase vigour and keep a level surface. The best way to achieve a perfect lawn.

  • Encourages finer grass species
  • Only the finest grasses used
  • Watering is key, must be kept moist for at least two weeks until seed is established
  • Free sprinkler with any renovation
  • Produces a stronger, healthier, more attractive lawn
Lawn Reseeding & Renovation 3 Lawn Reseeding & Renovation
Lawn Reseeding & Renovation 4 Lawn Reseeding & Renovation
Lawn Reseeding & Renovation 2 Lawn Reseeding & Renovation
Lawn Reseeding & Renovation 6 Lawn Reseeding & Renovation
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