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lawn treatment pricing

Prices for lawn treatments start at just £15! Contact us today and we will measure your lawn and provide you with a free lawn analysis, explaining which services you may need. You can choose from pay as you go payment options where you pay for each individual treatment, or there are treatment programmes where you can spread the cost over the year. There’s an option to suit any budget.

If you would like a free  online estimate we need to know the size of your lawn. Simply email us the measurements and we will reply with a price. 

How to measure your lawn

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Lawn treatment pricing is incredibly simple. In order for us to give you a price for your lawn we need to know how big it is. To measure the lawn simply measure the width and the length in metres and multiply the two together to get the size in square metres. Don’t worry if your lawn is not an exact square, simply imagine a rectangle in the lawn which covers the majority of the area as shown in the picture above, ignoring small irregular edges. If the lawn is very irregular as in the bottom picture, simply split it into smaller rectangles and add the areas together.

Example 1

Lawn length = 5m

Lawn width = 8m

5 x 8 = 40 square metres. 

 Spring treatment cost = £15 per treatment

Example 2

1st Lawn area 

Lawn length = 11m

Lawn width = 7m

18 x 7 = 126 square metres

2nd Lawn area

Lawn length = 6m

Lawn width = 13m

13 x 8 = 78 square metres

126 + 78 = 206 square metres. Spring treatment cost = £32 per treatment

Once you have your measurements just contact us here and we will email you back with a cost for your required treatment.

What Happens next? 

If you already have a price and want to go ahead you can ring, email us or fill out the contact form and we can arrange a treatment at a time that suits you.

What Happens Next?

Once you have confirmed the treatments with us we will arrange a date to treat your lawn. You don’t have to be in when we do it but of course we are happy to arrange a date that suits you. When we arrive we make a quick inspection of the lawn  to identify any potential issues, (don’t worry there aren’t usually any), then we get on and apply the treatment. 

Once finished we give you a knock to let you know everything is done and any tips or advice that may be necessary, before presenting you with an invoice. If you are having treatments on a pay as you go basis  these can be paid by cash, credit or debit card with our portable card readers, cheque or bank transfer, whichever method is easiest for you. 

Treatment Programmes

Its now even easier to get the lawn you always wanted. You can take one of our treatment programmes and spread the cost over a 12 month period. This is becoming an ever more popular choice, once the monthly payment is set up we do the rest! We will schedule in the treatments at the correct times, all you have to do is admire your lovely lawn!

Standard Programme

If you’re looking for a green, healthy, weed free lawn then this is the programme for you. Our four seasonal treatments are the backbone of any treatment package. It includes:

  • Spring Treatment
  • Early Summer Treatment
  • Late Summer Treatment
  • Autumn Treatment
  • Optional Winter Treatment 
Prices start at just £5 per month so why not see what we can do for you? 
Pricing & Programmes 2 Pricing & Programmes

Essentials Programme

This is the programme if you are looking for a really first class lawn. Not only do you get all of the benefits of the standard programme, you also receive Hollow-Tine Aeration and Scarification to help eradicate moss and keep the lawn looking fantastic. We also throw in a Post scarify feed absolutely free! Even better news, by booking all together  you save 15% on the total cost! With our most popular package you get:

  • Spring Treatment
  • Early Summer Treatment
  • Late Summer Treatment
  • Autumn Treatment
  • Winter Treatment 
  • Scarification
  • Hollow-Tine Aeration
  • Free Post Scarify Treatment
  • Optional Winter Treatment
  • Save 15% on the total cost!
Prices start at just £11.50 per month, get started on a great lawn today!
Pricing & Programmes 3 Pricing & Programmes

Ultimate Programme

If you want a perfect  lawn which looks great all year round then this full treatment package is for you. The added treatments help go that extra mile to give you the ultimate show lawn. You get everything from the Essentials programme plus our specialist soil enhancer, water conserver and disease control treatments. This is the choice for you if you are willing to go the extra mile and become a true lawn fanatic. Plus you get a 20% discount on the treatment costs. Treatments can start at any time of the year so contact us today and receive:

  • Spring Treatment
  • Early Summer Treatment
  • Late Summer Treatment
  • Autumn Treatment
  • Winter Treatment 
  • Scarification
  • Hollow-Tine Aeration
  • Post Scarify Treatment
  • Winter Treatment
  • Soil Enhancer
  • Water Conserver
  • Disease Control
  • Save 25% on the total cost
Prices start at just £16 per month so contact us today to get started on your perfect lawn!
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