Lawn treatment pricing is incredibly simple. In order for us to give you a price for your lawn we need to know how big it is. To measure the lawn simply measure the width and the length in metres and multiply the two together to get the size in square metres.

Don’t worry if your lawn is not an exact square, simply imagine a rectangle in the lawn which covers the majority of the area as shown in the picture above, ignoring small irregular edges. If the lawn is very irregular as in the bottom picture, simply split it into smaller rectangles and add the areas together.

Example for simple lawn

Lawn length = 5m

Lawn width = 8m

5 x 8 = 40 square metres. 

Spring treatment cost = £15 per treatment

Example for multiple lawns

1st Lawn area 

Lawn length = 11m

Lawn width = 7m

18 x 7 = 126 square metres

2nd Lawn area

Lawn length = 6m

Lawn width = 13m

13 x 8 = 78 square metres

126 + 78 = 206 square metres. Spring treatment cost = £32 per treatment

What Happens next? 

Once you have your measurements give us a call on 01296 534747 or email us at and we can give you a cost for your required treatment.