• October - March

Lawn scarification is the most important weapon we have in the fight against moss in your lawn.
Thatch in the lawn comprises of moss and old dead grass stems. As this naturally builds up it can suffocate the grass, preventing air and nutrients from reaching the roots. Lack of airflow encourages more moss, so by raking out the thatch and allowing the lawn to breathe we not only drastically reduce the moss but also encourage a much healthier turf. We recommend all lawns are scarified yearly as part of a regular maintenance programme.


  • Removes excess thatch
  • Removes moss
  • Allows nutrients to reach the plant roots
  • Allows air to circulate around the grass plant
  • Helps prevent disease
  • Improves lawn density and vigour
  • Book with Aeration and save 25%
lawn scarification
Scarification 1 Scarification
Scarification 2 Scarification
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