Lawn Pest Control

lawn pests

Lawn pests like leatherjackets and chafer grubs are a natural occurrence in any soil, in fact they are vital for a healthy ecosystem. However sometimes when some species get too numerous they can seriously damage turf and we have to act. Nasty insecticides are now banned so we have to turn to a natural alternative. We use Nematodes which are microscopic worms which seek out the larvae, entering them and multiplying inside, eventually killing them. 

a closeup picture of a lawn pest chafer grub

Chafer Grubs

Chafer Grubs are the larvae of the Garden Chafer beetle. These pesky creatures feed on the roots of the grass plant and can cause severe damage to turf, often devastating large areas of turf. A common sign that you have them is increased bird activity in the area as they pull aside the grass to reach the grubs below. 


These are the larvae of the Daddy Longlegs or Cranefly. They eat the grass roots causing brown patches at first which can soon become dead, bare areas. Early detection is key as they are much easier to kill when small and young.  


Worms are incredibly beneficial to soil. They convert organic matter such as leaves in to nutrients, enriching the soil. Some species can leave worm casts on the soil surface, which can be unsightly however they tend to be more of a problem in sports turf where a level surface may be essential. Treatment is not recommended as the positives of worms in soil can far out weigh the negatives.