All Year Round Lawn Care

seasonal lawn care treatments

Our range of seasonal lawn treatments are the key to transforming your lawn. These weed and feed treatments are tailored to your individual lawn because every lawn is different and needs different amounts of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. We also use a variety of specialist weedkillers to target the specific weeds on your lawn without damaging the grass. 

Spring Treatment

After a cold winter your lawn is in need of a kick-start. Our mini granular fertiliser is specially formulated to provide the grass with all of the key nutrients to rapidly green and thicken your lawn. An application of weedkiller will control weeds that are starting to sprout. All of our lawn treatments are safe for pets and children.

Early Summer Treatment

Temperatures are starting to rise and the grass is reaching its peak growth period. This means it requires plenty of nourishment to keep it green and healthy. A slow release fertiliser feeds the lawn for the next two months and a suitable weedkiller will kill any weeds present. With lawn treatments starting at just £15 it can be cheaper and easier than doing it yourself!

Late Summer Treatment

Summer is in full swing and by now your lawn is looking its best. To keep it looking that way a special scorch free fertiliser is applied which will keep your lawn looking good and it doesn't need to be watered in, even when the weather gets really hot and dry. A further weed kill will help with the few weeds that may remain.

Autumn Treatment

The warm summer months may be becoming a distant memory but there is still work to do to keep your lawn healthy throughout the winter. A special autumn feed will harden the grass against the stresses of cold and frost and help prevent diseases. This treatment will also help control moss which can develop in the dark days ahead.

Winter treatment

Winter may be the time when the lawn is the last thing on your mind. It may even be under a layer of snow! But this is when it is at its most fragile and open to attack from disease, frost damage or insect attack to name just a few. By applying our special turf hardener we can strengthen the turf against these attacks while also keeping the moss at bay. Ideal after a scarify as a post scarification treatment.